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Offer up 1.jpeg
Offer up 2.jpeg
One Belvedere Plush shampoo bowl and chair set. $550.00
Offer up 5.jpeg
Four Belvedere styling chairs. $265.00
Six white stations with mirror.
Offer up 4.jpeg
Offer up 6.jpeg
belvedere salon furn .jpeg
Complete salon equipment set up. $3,500
Ten electric Belvedere shampoo chairs and ten Takara Belmont shampoo bowls. $350.00
New Belvedere salon
furniture $550.00.
Offer up 11.jpeg
Offer up 12.jpeg
One brand new Belvedere styling chair. $285.00
One brand new Belvedere 
styling chair.
Offer up 10.jpeg
Offer up 14 .jpeg
Four brand new Belvedere Shampoo units. $2,400.00
Ten new Belvedere Lioness styling chair. $685.00
Eight brand new Savana
Belvedere stations.
Two brand new Belvedere Siesta pneumatic shampoo chairs $625.00
Complete and in excellent condition Belvedere salon set-up!!! $15,000.00 for all furniture and equipment!! 
Antique, custom reception desk. $1,800.00

Customized complete salon furniture setup. $20,000!!
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